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George Hammontree, CRPC


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I’m part of a community of like-minded professionals; retirement wealth income specialists.  Wealth, as written by Henry David Thoreau, "is the ability to fully experience life".   To that end,  we help people safely save and invest outside of Wall Street using strategies the wealthiest families in America and institutional investors have been quietly used for over 100 years to get up to double digit annual returns; eliminate the risk of losses from Market declines and crashes; and create 'tax-free' retirement income instead of 'tax-deferred' retirement income.

I’ve been privileged to work with hundreds of families over the past 14 years and help them provide for their healthcare, create wealth for their families, and execute a plan for retirement that reflects their lifelong work and dreams.  Many clients are in their 30s, 40s and 50's.  While decades away from retirement, they recognize the need to plan ahead, not just for their future retirement, but for their children’s college costs, their daughters' weddings expenses, that vacation home and even their next new car purchase. 

Other families are a few short years away from or already living their retirement.  Their challenges are how best to optimize the assets they have accumulated. These factors include how to ensure they have enough to live through retirement while navigating the unprecedented challenges of today's rates of real inflation; low interest on savings; and the outlook they could be paying higher income tax rates in their retirement years than they paid in income taxes when they earned the money during their working years. All of these and other concerns are all realities for today's and tomorrow's retirees.

One of the most fascinating  and perplexing aspects of helping people plan for their future retirement is having seeing clients deal with getting trying to actually get their heads around what “retirement” will look like for them.

So, the first step we go through is to determine where they are  heading in life and where they want to  'physically' and 'financially' end up.   Next, the discussion turns to mapping out the paths to take them there and what that looks like when they arrive at “retirement”.  

Only then can we finally start identifying the various sources that will fuel  their incomes for a life in retirement.

Regardless of which of these stages of life you are in, planning for retirement is truly the one task, unlike any other, that if left undone or poorly planned out, will absolutely have a devastating impact not only on you but your entire family.  Simply trusting your future retirement solely to monthly 401k employer retirement plan contributions; or a Social Security check every month, or combination thereof is probably one of the most expensive retirement planning mistakes a person will ever make.  Individuals depending on their private or public pension checks or the future value of their present home may also continue to see radical challenges to those assets classes.  

At Incomes For Life™ LLC our mission is to:  Conserve and grow retirement dollars through safe and predictable savings vehicles, strengthening American families one at a time.