Tax-Free Income; How do I do this?

We start by comparing your Traditional Retirement Plan to an Index Universal Life (IUL) plan. Let the numbers speak for themselves!

Watch Now: learn why an IUL may be right for you!

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Compare the Four Most Important Aspects of Your Retirement Plan

Market Volatility

Just how exposed to the market is your retirement plan? Discover how you can protect your retirement earnings from negative returns. IUL's prevent market loss and never credit less than zero. Compare the effects of market losses on your current retirement plan to an IUL.

Income Longevity

How long will your income last? A recent study showed that the average 401(k) will run out of money only 7-8 years into retirement. An IUL has the potential to provide income until you are 120 years old! Take a look at the numbers and compare how long your current retirement plan will last in distribution vs. an IUL.

Tax Deferred vs. Tax Free

Although most retirement plan options allow for Tax Deferred growth, the majority of them tax 100% of the income you take in retirement. That means that you can potentially lose hundreds of thousands of your retirement dollars to taxes. With an IUL, you not only get Tax-Deferred growth, you can also take Tax-Free retirement distributions. Compare the tax savings with an IUL vs. your current retirement plan.


A recent study showed that retirement plan fees can range from 3% to 5%. Just a 1 percentage point difference in fees can dramatically reduce the size of your nest egg over time. Compare the fees in your current retirement plan to the fees in an IUL to see for yourself just how much you can save.





Your IFL Agent

Robert Soria

Phone: 847-284-8603
Email: soriarobblion(at)

                                  Founder of S.A.F.E. MONEY CONCEPTS... CAREER STARTED June 1,1972.

Robb has been a leader in implementing the PRIVATE PLAN ( also referred to as the Section 7702 plan ( technically referred as  the index universal life insurance plan) since its inception in 1997. An independent agent that welcomes the opportunity to represent young or older clients, professionals and business owners and employees. This plan is IRS approved. And, the irony is that most financial and tax advisors are NOT AWARE OF IT !

The INDEX UNIVERSAL LIFE program is NOT just a life insurance plan. ln a majority of cases (when properly structured,ie."max funded") provides GREATER NET SPENDABLE INCOME and LIQUIDITY and SAFETY compared to virtually any other financial tool ! Keep in mind, wealthy people have been contributing SIGNIFICANT amounts of their cash flow into this program from day one !

This is NOT your grandfather's type of life insurance ! This plan is designed for tax free growth and safety !

Note: From 2000 to 2017 the COMPOUNDED RATE OF RETURN ( THE TRUE RATE of return) OF THE S& P ( WITHOUT dividends) was  4.96% vs the Index Universal Life Plan ( also referred to as the TAX FREE PLAN, THE Section 7702 Plan, the Family Plan) was 7.08% !


It does not come with all the worries of investments, and restrictions and limitations mandated by federal laws on traditional retirement plans.

Note:  For many business owner and professionals, The Private Plan( IUL) can also be the BEST way to recruit, reward and retain vital employees. We also now offer the owner( optional-key employees can be included) a program that can be funded WITHIN 4- 5 YEARS ! This is often used when a client has a need to quickly infuse contributions into the plan; eg. sale of a business, stock portfolio, or even an inheritance.


In addition, we are  introducing another unique application... imagine bonusing a key employee to fund the Private Plan...key employee then can borrow from the plan the following year to pay the tax from the bonus ! The owner can even "tie" the key employee by providing an "incentive" to stay for "x" years and then pay of the loan on the policy! Or owner can double bonus, eliminating any out of pocket cost to the key employee !

Either way, the employee wins with a program that provides tax free income for life at retirement and the employer wins with having a key employee who now is much more productive and content !

As a former financial consultant, who has served through more than 4 decades, he has seen numerous financial strategies to achieve growth,income and asset protection. However, it was not until the Private Plan was introduced that there is now a method that ACHIEVES growth, safety, liquidity and minimization of income tax payments FAR GREATER than the traditional methods used today.

In my opinion, the PRIVATE PLAN is THE BEST WAY to save ! We have designed sophisticated software to compare virtually most wealth accumulation strategies versus the PRIVATE PLAN and in MOST cases the PRIVATE PLAN wins hands down ! 


He is located in the far northwest Chicago suburb of Gilberts,Il. but is happy to meet you. You owe YOURSELF the opportunity

 to get a NO OBIGATION- NO COST comparison between what you are currently doing vs the Private Plan. 

Feel welcome to call ( 847-284-8603), email me: soriaroblion(at) or text me.


Thank you for taking the time to review this. Robb Soria-Founder and one of the leading specialists of the above plans !



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